Biuro Projektów Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej

There is no problem in firefighting, which we can not deal with ... Just give us a little time! Let's create a fire-fighting system together. We extinguish every fire reported 3 days earlier. The worst thing for a designer is how an object will burn according to the rules... Fire-fighting is a serious matter.


We executed following projects:

  • Jagiellonska Library in Cracow - gas extenguishing system of main gatherings
  • Subway Station A18 in Warsaw (Plac Wilsona)- gas extenguishing system
  • Unilever in Bydgoszcz - sprinklers installation
  • Philips S. A. in Kwidzyn - sprinklers installation
  • EC Star in Starachowice - spray installation
  • F16 Hangar in Poznań Krzesiny - sprinklers, foam, gas extenguishing installation
  • Power plant ECKSA in Kracow - spray and foam installations
  • ZCH Organika - Nowa Sarzyna - foam installation
  • HWS "Łuczniczka" in Bydgoszcz - sprinklers and spray installations
  • Water power plant Dychów - gas extenguishing system of turbines
  • Coca - Cola Radzymin - gas system extenguishing
  • NASK Warsaw - gas system extenguishing
  • Ferniture Company H&M Helvetia in Wieruszów - Sprinklers installation
  • Zakład Energeryczny Łódź - gas extenguishing system
  • Drukarnia Rentsch in Łodzi - gas extenguishing system
  • VW Poznań - gas extenguishing system
  • SUN Garden in Malanów - sprinkler installation
  • Polynt Niepołomice - foam installation
  • Cinema IMAX in Poznań - gas extenguishing system
  • Power plant Pomorzany in Szczecin - gas extenguishing system of transformers
  • Hus House jet-propelled engines - Poznań - installation on hight expension foam
  • Storage of fuels and greases - Leżnica Wielka - foam installation
  • Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny in Koszalin - sprinklers and spray installation
... and many different.