Biuro Projektów Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej

There is no problem in firefighting, which we can not deal with ... Just give us a little time! Let's create a fire-fighting system together. We extinguish every fire reported 3 days earlier. The worst thing for a designer is how an object will burn according to the rules... Fire-fighting is a serious matter.


Our firm offers pre-building and executive projects
extenguishing installations:
 - sprinklers
 - sprays
 - gasoes
 - foam
 - hoses

We execute following technical documentations:
a. analysis of and protections the fire - fight threats
b. fire - fights water bilanse
c. conceptions of protections technological, trade and public objects

Question connected from:
a. explosion - proof protection,
b. steering smoke,
c. making knowed the alarm of fire,
d. control of fixed fire extinguishing devices,
e. fire alarm systems,
we charge co-operating projects companies.

Fire protection - projects Fire protection - projects